To provide you with choice, we offer both dry bud and oils. If you cannot find a product, please let us know what you are looking for.

CRG’s Softgels are made with oils extracted from a blend of greenhouse-grown cannabis. They are formulated with responsibly sourced MCT oil.

The best place to store cannabis oil is at a stable temperature away from direct light, heat, or moisture.

Oral dosing syringe. Cleaning your syringe frequently with hot water will ensure that your syringe functions properly. If you are experiencing difficulty plunging, it may be caused by a build up of cannabis oil in the syringe.

Depending on the product ordered, the THC concentration is expressed as milligrams per millilitre (mg/ml). For example, a product with a THC concentration of 20mg/ml is twice as strong as one with a 10mg/ml. Whenever you use a new product, consider your concentrations.

Our 510 Threaded Battery and Cartridge System was developed with an open-loop design to allow users to attach 510 threaded batteries to 510 cartridges. We offer cartridges in 45g or 1g sizes.

To place an order for a CRG product, you can visit your province’s recreational store, or a government-licensed local dispensary that is authorized to carry CRG products.